Experience Life

Laila is the assistant
for your social life

“How can we use technology to encourage social interaction rather than isolation?" This is the fundamental question that Laila was founded and built on. Laila was created from the ground up for the people that want to spend their time with their friends, not another content feed.

Our goals are different than traditional social tech companies.

Laila empowers its users, automatically finding the perfect plans on the fly for you and your friends to experience life together, in person; these everyday shared experiences ultimately become the memories that give our lives meaning.

Know who is availableNever miss out again

At any given moment, there is potential to connect with friends, yet too many of these opportunities pass for a variety of reasons. Laila was built to find these opportunities for you.

Laila delivers a real-time, automatic prediction of your friends’ willingness to hangout. This ledger of social information saves you time, energy, and minimizes rejection when trying to get together.

No Planning Required

Unlike previously created event planning and meetup apps, Laila's AI initiates social interaction between users, creating serendipitous opportunities to see your friends.

Up until now, the most efficient way to gauge availability for meeting up was texting.

Tailored Recommendations

Recommendations of things to do with currently available friends are tailored specifically for that group and you. With one group of friends you might hangout at home and watch movies and other groups hit the town until 4 am.

Just as Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube all tailor their recommendations on music and video, Laila does the same but with the goal of enhancing your social life.

The Team

Will Kramer

Will Kramer

Co-Founder & CEO

Will designed and coded Laila’s AI. He was previously the founder and CEO of Avoneu Inc. where he built out extensive machine learning and AI models.

Justin LaRosa

Justin LaRosa

Co-Founder & Head of User Growth

Justin is focused on growing and supporting the user base. He was previously an equity analyst focusing on emerging technology trends.

Mike Ferris

Mike Ferris

Co-Founder & CTO

Mike built Laila’s API and iOS app. He has previously worked on apps that allow users to chat anonymously with the people around them and to crowdsource food delivery on college campuses.